They all do it

Some of you know that I made the weird decision to sign up for a run later this month. You wonder why on earth I did that? Seriously? I don’t know! But seeing as I paid the start money and got myself a decent pair of running shoes, I might as well start running. O – did I not mention that I don’t do running? And that I do not like running? At least I didn’t till I decided to take part in this run – the doing, not the liking part that is – I still don’t like it…

Anyways, after a good start of running twice a week for three weeks, I started my job, and since then time for running has been limited – and not my top priority.

But last week – on my day off, I decided to get back in the saddle, put on my running shoes (still very white and new) and started off into the Prater, which is a large public park close to where I live. The Hauptallee (main avenue) is the main artery, lined with horse-chestnut trees, closed to motorists and known to sports enthusiasts from the annual Vienna Marathon (Thank you, Wikipedia!). You might wonder why I go into so much detail but the landscape is important for the further development of my story.

The only cars you might see on this road are emergency vehicles, police cars and garbage trucks. Therefore I was quite surprised to see a car parked between the trees, and as I had to turn around at that exact point on the way, I looked at it. I noticed two things when I passed it, first – the windows were all open, and second – there was a person sitting in the backseat. I made a u-turn right after the car and when I passed it again, glanced inside. Well, shouldn’t have done that…

It seems that there was a nice gentleman inside, who took business into his own hands – if you understand what I am saying.

We all know that men wank. (If he tells you, he isn’t – he’s lying, honey). And that’s fine, whatever makes them happy. But what’s the point in sharing that with everyone? I guess they also want to get caught, otherwise they wouldn’t do it in public, and in my special case right opposite a parked police car.

I usually wouldn’t have done anything, but as I passed the police car, I happened to mention the guy to them and they drove over to check him out.

I have to admit that all the way home, I was torn. I kinda felt bad for the guy and for sending the police to him and I was also afraid, he might be seriously mad at me, and follow me to take revenge. Boy, I never did that 5k faster before.


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Katathome - is me. A travel-holic, who is still wondering what to do when she grows up. In the mean time I enjoy a love-hate relationship with sports, too much wine, swearing, getting tattooes, posing on instagram and co-parenting my two babes (2006, 2009)...Accompany me on my journey through life. You can also follow me @ for your daily dose of self-publishing and more pics. Enjoy!
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1 Response to They all do it

  1. Caroline says:

    At least the experience has helped with your training..your average speed has probably increased dramatically after that:-)

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