The art of being average

Are you one of those people who are really good at something? Cause I am not. I am just very good in being average.

After reading “Kat in the snow” you know that I come from a family of skiers but always felt like the worst skier in the family – but actually I was not so bad, I was just average. Based on that, I have been thinking about the things I do (well) and about the art of being average.

After the whole thinking process, I came up with a couple of things I am pretty good at and I have to embrace these.

I am pretty good in being a nice person, I am a carer and organizer and kind of the class clown. I make fun of myself and share my unfortunate moments with you guys. I am a great dancer. I am a friendly person – I smile at most people, most of the time. Which resulted in one of the guys at work asking me, why I was always smiling and whether I was on ecstasy…ahem no.

I am also pretty good in putting myself down – for example – I tell everyone that I am the weakest link in my hockey team. What I don’t mention is that I am also one of the oldest, started only a year ago and that I am one of the few who shows up for every training and is one of the most motivated. I don’t tell anyone that I am angry at myself for quitting hockey when I first tried it as a kid and that I practice, both my technique and my condition, to become better when I know there is not much chance for me to ever really become good or an integral part of the team.

When people compliment me on my language skills, I tell them that I love languages and that I would love to know every language in the world. But in the next sentence I will tell them, that I am really bad in maths and can’t sum up 2+2 – just to make up for knowing something.

I am also pretty good at making babies – not the actual deed – although I think I am not too bad at that either…but I make good kids. They are nice, funny, smart and good-looking. And no, I am not biased. I also think I am a good Mum. Although Surfer Dude and Princess girl drive me crazy on a daily basis and I have been known to shout or fight with them, I’d do anything for them and wouldn’t change them for the world. I am also good at riding my bicycle.

I also heard from time to time that I am pretty good at writing – I love to entertain people. It makes me happy, when people enjoy what I write. I am pretty bad at drawing – my horses and dogs and cats all look-alike, and still look the same way they did when I was 12.

I think I am a pretty good singer, but my ex-coworkers call me “Nikita” and not in a positive way…

I am not a good housewife – as you know, but I am quite good at folding laundry. I am not the best cook, but I make some mean cakes (although they don’t always look so great – see “This time my disaster is a cake“).

I love learning new things and get excited creating new stuff (although not building, knitting, sewing or handicraft – just you know, other kinds of creating).

So I guess what I want to say is, maybe it is not so bad to be average. If you are good at being average, that is.



About katathome

Katathome - is me. A travel-holic, who is still wondering what to do when she grows up. In the mean time I enjoy a love-hate relationship with sports, too much wine, swearing, getting tattooes, posing on instagram and co-parenting my two babes (2006, 2009)...Accompany me on my journey through life. You can also follow me @ for your daily dose of self-publishing and more pics. Enjoy!
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10 Responses to The art of being average

  1. oliver says:

    nice read!
    2+2 is 4. glad i could help.

  2. elisa says:

    I like your lines about hockey —I can easily connect with the feeling of being really motivated and always present, although one knows one will never be really good at something (this was my standard feeling for years while I was singing in a group).

    And, I would add: who likes all these VERY GOOD people? Are not they annoying, with their fantastic skills? Don’t you find yourself hating the mothers who are excellent cooks, great housewives, wonderfully looking already at 8 am AND perfect skiers etc.? After all, most of us are “not that great” if one counts all the many skills we lack —but the ones who can acknowledge it are much more fun to be with! Don’t you think so?

  3. elisa says:

    Kat, should not you have mercy with your readers coming home from holiday? We are looking forward for your entertaining and witty posts about Children and Summer (why are mine always noisier than the others, by the way?:-))!

    • katathome says:

      You are so kind Elisa, and thank you so much for supporting me. I know I have been a bad writee latelz but I am so busy. I have some things in my head though and will trz to put them on paper or the web asap!! I promise!

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