New situations

After separating from my husband people had opinions on everything. But mostly other women told me they were afraid of the moment a new woman would enter their kids lives. Being a child of divorced parents myself, I never worried about that. As you know I count myself lucky that the husband has a nice girlfriend, who likes my kids and who likes me. I know it could be very different…

Every kids-free week, I spend one afternoon with the kids to half the time until we live together again. In general we do something nice like go for cake or read books or play games. Yesterday the kids and I went to a store where we looked at toys they could write on their Christmas wish list. After that we went to Vapiano where the kids had pizza and pasta. We chatted for a while and also talked about The Husbands Girlfriend (shortly THG). As my kids feelings are very important to me, we talked about whether it was ok for them that they had two homes. Surfer Dude immediately said that that was fine. Princess girl started to say: “I would love…” and I expected her to say “I would love for all of us to live together.” But instead she said: “I would love for you and THG to be my Mummies. I really really really really like her!*”

And suddenly it was there. That panic my friends had talked about. I felt sucker punched in my belly and even now when I write that I feel like crying (ok, there are actually a couple of tears running down my face but that might also be because it is 6 am and haven’t been able to sleep for the last 1,5 hours…).

I swallowed and thought:”Quick, think! Stay positive.” While I felt like jumping up, running around like crazy, waving my arms around and screaming: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, but you are MINE!!!!! I AM YOUR MOTHER!!! You were in my belly, I felt you move, I gave birth to you, I fed you, I held you when you were sick, I hold you when you cry, I wipe your bum, I love you so much it hurts!”

But on the outside, I calmly breathed in and out, took a sip from my wine and said: “That’s great honey, we are lucky that your Daddy has such a nice girlfriend we all like, and that likes you so much as well! But I am your Mummy. She can be your THG (obviously I said her name).” Surfer Dude added: “She is our stepmum!” Princess girl looked up, smiled and said: “Yes, our stepmum.” And I nodded in agreement. I asked her if she had told THG that she really really really liked her, and she said: “No, I didn’t dare.” I then encouraged her to tell her when she feels like it, cause I can imagine that THG would be very happy to know that my favourite girl likes her loads.

New situations sometimes need some getting used to.


*She actually used a German word that is very hard to translate into English, it is more than like but a little less than love. The dictionary translates it with “being fond of”, but I think that is not strong enough.


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Katathome - is me. A travel-holic, who is still wondering what to do when she grows up. In the mean time I enjoy a love-hate relationship with sports, too much wine, swearing, getting tattooes, posing on instagram and co-parenting my two babes (2006, 2009)...Accompany me on my journey through life. You can also follow me @ for your daily dose of self-publishing and more pics. Enjoy!
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4 Responses to New situations

  1. Dagmar says:

    I am so impressed with your reaction despite your (very understandable) feelings at that moment. Well done you! Exemplary parenting!!

    • katathome says:

      Thank you Dagmar! The thing is THG is really nice and I am glad that it is her and they all like each other. But I still am the Mum. I think it is difficult to find a way that works for everyone but I am sure we will make it.

  2. elisa says:

    I am sort of surprised that it just happened now…:-) My daughter, as you might imagine, is always telling me how much she loves her teacher/swimming trainer/aunt/friend’s mother… and often enough how much better than me they are! Long story short: I would have felt like you, but looking at the situation from outside I would rather say that children often live in the present moment and that their way of expressing their feelings is much different than ours. What your daughter meant was something like: “I love her”. This has nothing to do with the fact that she loves you much more, but you are always there for her and she does not need to ponder about it… (sorry for the cheap psychology).

    • katathome says:

      I know. And of course I know that I am her mother and that will always be different but it is still weird when it is the new woman in her life, who after a while might also dry her tears and tug her in at night…

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