I am sorry. I apologize. I know I should write more. But first of all there is no time. Lots of work, which I have reduced now – so that should be easier in the future. Kids – school starts tomorrow, so life should be more regulated than as well, and with princess girl starting school I am sure there is lots of material coming up. Boyfriend – nope, don’t plan on spending less time with him 😉 etc. But what’s way more important – there is a lack of inspiration. Nothing “weird” is happening to me. At least that’s what I told one of my faithful readers when she asked about my writing two days ago…

Then I thought to myself – hang on a minute – this is you you’re talking about. Kat. Walking disaster. I am sure there are things happening to you. But you are just so used to them – you don’t even think about writing about them anymore.

So here are a couple of recent, typical Kat-situations – I could actually create a new word for things like that – Kat-suations:

The kids have had head lice three times over the summer. I know that sounds disgusting and when you don’t have kids or young kids, or your kids are lucky enough to never have had them, you imagine my kids have to be filthy and uncared for – which they are not, I do wash them from time to time :-). But apparently everyone can get them. Especially in school and kindergarten, and mine hit the checkpot this summer. I was lucky in the way that the small creatures always seemed to emerge when the kids stayed with the Ex, which means by now he is a pro at checking, washing and combing their hair. Obviously my head started to itch every time as soon as I heard that the kids had lice, but so far I have been sparred.

During their last week of summer school the kids told me that there were lice again at  school, but that everyone had been checked and no animals had been found in their hair. You can imagine my dismay when during Daddy-Day the Ex sent me a text saying “WTF – the kids have lice again!?!” Being the good Dad that he is, he checked and washed and combed their hair and returned them lice-free in the evening.

Wanting to be on the save side, this time I went to the pharmacy and bought an anti-lice shampoo as well as a preventive shampoo – both for the small amount of € 35!!! After returning from my evening run – different story! – I wet and shampooed my hair and planned on waiting the 15 minutes before washing it off again. I am not even mentioning that I got the stupid shit into my eyes and that it felt kind of weird on my hair. No. What I want to mention though is that I pushed over the bottle and everything spilled onto my bathroom floor. Yes, I mean everything and I am talking about the € 23 shampoo (the other one was € 12). After breathing deeply I also read the instructions which stated, that the shampoo should have been applied to dry hair…which explains the feeling weird part. Hope it killed any possible suckers though…

A day later, after having spent 7 hours on a windy hockey field, I went to the supermarket with the kids. I had planned on cooking lasagna when the boyfriend and his kids came for lunch the next day and was looking for all the ingredients. I was happy when I spotted green lasagna sheets on an upper shelf. As I was pretty sure that the kids (and by now I know also the boyfriend) would not eat green pasta I started looking for the yellow sheets. I pulled down the carton from the top. After an unsuccessful search I gave up and pushed it back onto the upper shelf. I pushed it back and back and back and suddenly had a weird feeling. Do you know that feeling when you know something is off? This came approximately a nano-second before I heard the goods on the other side of the aisle fall off the shelf and a guy swearing. As in slow motion the sound of things falling down did not stop. Obviously – knowing my luck – it ended with the sound of glass breaking.

The kids looked at me with wide eyes and I could already see nosy people making their way to the other side of the aisle – don’t you have a life?? I asked the kids to stay where the were, which they obviously did not do, so all three of us walked to the other side to have a look. I inspected the mess which was a mixture of sweets and cereal, topped by a couple of broken tomato sauce glasses, when three teenage girls passed by. The top dog said all cool: “o o someone needs to pay for that, haha.” Me – so not being in the mood: “Do you want to pay for it?” She – with an attitude: “A a (teenage lingo for no) – that must be done by the person who did that”. Me stating slightly pissed: “That was me.” She: “O – then move away quickly!”, which I kind of found cute again. Being the person that I am though, I went to a member of the staff and apologized – she just waved me off saying: “no worries, nothing happened.”

The same evening while running (told you that was a different story), I nearly tripped over a wooden stick, which then bounced off my foot and hit a car.

I guess what I want to say is, things are happening to me. I just have to take a closer look and share them with you.

And yes there will be a story about the running and my other plans and ideas. And all.


About katathome

Katathome - is me. A travel-holic, who is still wondering what to do when she grows up. In the mean time I enjoy a love-hate relationship with sports, too much wine, swearing, getting tattooes, posing on instagram and co-parenting my two babes (2006, 2009)...Accompany me on my journey through life. You can also follow me @ instagram.com/kats.trialogie for your daily dose of self-publishing and more pics. Enjoy!
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