The travel project – part 5 – Munich

I just found out that I had two finished blog posts which I kept from you! Sorry about that.

Surfer Dude plays hockey. So when I was asked whether he would go away with the hockey club to an U10 tournament in Munich, I checked with him and he readily agreed. Under the condition that he did not sleep there on his own. Seeing as my baby is only 8 and the youngest of the boys to join the group, I decided to go with him and have a nice weekend in Munich.

On Friday afternoon, we met up at the railway station, and I was reminded again, that being a parent doesn’t necessarily mean you like other kids. Cause I don’t. Not all kids at least. Going away with 20 kids – on a train – to another city ain’t fun.

The shock was even bigger when we arrived at our destination for the next two nights. A youth hostel. I am definitely not a luxury princess – but I didn’t even stay at a youth hostel as a student, therefore I hadn’t planned on staying in one at the age of 35. I think it also was not really suitable for kids – to say the least – which is no one’s fault, as it was awarded with a badge for family friendliness (is there a word like that?). While our coordinator checked us in, we tried to keep the kids together in the lobby, which was filled with drunk, smoking guys on stag nights, some homeless people and Italian travel groups that screamed around loudly. If you ever met a group of Italians abroad you know what I mean. For a minute I daydreamed about kidnapping my child and checking us into the 5* hotel on the other side of the road…My idea of spending the evening in a lovely hotel bar therefore died on the spot as well. Instead I had an unplanned room party with 4 other parents, which was pretty fun as well.

What is even worse than the kids on a trip like that, are the parents that join these kids, with who you unwillingly have to hang out and get along (And yes – people who read my blog are the exception :-)). There are different personalities and different ideas of how the time should be spent. There is a reason why coaches don’t like parents to join on these trips, and I myself am no exception. Being the bad parent that I am, I had made my own plans for the weekend, which didn’t go down to good with the other parents. Therefore I dutifully got up at 6am with the others (after having drunk till 2am) and after a quick breakfast took a three different trains and buses-45 minute-journey to get to the hockey hall, where I could watch my sons three games, before heading into the center.

Two days beforehand, I had decided I wanted to get a new tattoo and had done my research and communicated with the guys from Chaos Crew Munich. I was told that I could try my luck and come there any time during the afternoon. So after a short stroll through Munich, which was way too short, I followed my map and showed up at Chaos Crew Tattoo. There was a sign at reception stating “Beware of the snake” – I started laughing and said to the guy, “you’re kidding, right?” He smiled at me and said, we think someone has taken it, but just to be on the safe side, we put up the sign. She has not been seen for the last 2 months… The guy behind the counter was really nice, but tried to get rid of me, by telling me there were no appointments available. I pleaded with him and used my biggest smile, until he took the picture of the tattoo I wanted (really small) and went to talk to the tattoo artist. He came back and told me we could do the tattoo around 6 and it would have been better if I had shown up earlier…(chaos – true to their word – cause the guy I had emailed with until 2 am could have told me that). After learning that it might also happen earlier, I decided to wait there and was offered coffee and cake, which I think is a great idea for a business! “The tattoo cake and coffee shop.”

2015-03-14 15.36.04

2015-03-14 15.36.11

Given the size of the tattoo, the reception guy and I decided that it could not be more than € 50, but after waiting for 2 hours the tattoo artist shattered all my dreams by telling me that the minimum prize for tattoos at their studio was € 200. He then said he could offer it to me for 100, but could not go any lower. I pleaded with him, but he stood his ground and insisted on € 100. He then looked into my eyes and said – but I could do two for the price of 100. I was torn. I whatsapped with the bestie at home and went to the local store to clear my head. I did not like the idea of doing something I was not sure about or just do something cause I would get it for free.

The tattoo artist had suggested to get a celtic sign – which I just knew was not me. The only thing we had both agreed on was the placement. I liked the idea of getting a lettering of something that meant something to me. I knew which kind of lettering and showed it to him. And suddenly I knew.

I got my two tattoos, and went back to meet up with the others. The kids were at dinner with the other parents. The posh parents asked me whether I had enjoyed my afternoon off shopping, or whether I had met a guy, and I wish I would have had a camera when I told them “no, I just went to get tattoos”.

The next morning I had a business meeting in regards to a christening with the god mother, who lives in Munich. She took me to the Reitschule, which is a beautiful restaurant, where we enjoyed a great breakfast.

2015-03-15 10.27.37

I didn’t see a lot of Munich, but it definitely made me want to go back, and experience it some more.

Which I did at the beginning of July with the boyfriend. I now really love Munich, I love Weisswurst and I know that there are loads of rich people and hookers in Munich. πŸ™‚


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2 Responses to The travel project – part 5 – Munich

  1. a loud Italian reader says:

    Thanks for the comeback, Kat! What happened with the two tattoos? Which lettering did you choose?
    “What is even worse than the kids on a trip like that, are the parents that join these kids, with who you unwillingly have to hang out and get along”: πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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